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Tarot Readings / Spell Worx

Tarot Reading

Hello Kiddies!

Grab a tomb and have a seat! 

This is where the Magick happens.

Need an answer to a yearning question or need help finding your life path? 

TAROT and Bone is the best option for you! Tarot can answer questions that you seek, as well as help you shape your future how YOU want; and Bone Throwing can answer quick yes/no questions.

Need money? Love? Luck? Protection? Anything in between?

SPELLWORX is the best option for you! I will have an in depth discussion with you (If it is a difficult case, I would suggest getting the Tarot/Magick combo because it helps me get a better feel of what is going on) and plan the best course of action for you Magickally.

Unsure on what is the best option for you? Please CONTACT ME here with any questions you may have!

Have a grave day! 



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