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Midnight Crypt Worx

Midnight Crypt Worx was founded by a witch ghoul, Nikki. She has been a practitioner of witchcraft for over 20 years. Her great-grandmother was a Mexican practitioner that incorporated traditional "Curanderismo" into her craft as well as read Tarot cards.

Nikki's style of witchcraft isn't the "normal" standard. She incorporates Mexican traditions, Southern Conjure (being from the south), Egyptian witchcraft and her own personal family traditions. She has never been the one to follow any certain structured way of doing things, and that manifests into her craft. 


Nikki has been reading tarot cards for 8 years and has been reading professionally for 3. She always uses her own intuition to read the cards and to provide the best insight into her clients needs.

Nikki's main goal is to help people to navigate different aspects of ones life. In her spare time she loves to keep mantises, jumping spiders, velvet spiders and tarantulas. She also has a betta fish, a dog, and a cat. She is a huge animal lover and likes to collect rare occult/witchcraft books.

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